Accessing your documents
Once logged in, you will be able to access any documents that have been issued to you by officials of Dublin City University. To view your documents, click on the My Documents menu tab at the top of the screen, or select the appropriate choice from the four main menu options displayed.
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You will be shown a list of documents issued to you. If no documents were issued, an appropriate message will be displayed.

Access to the student/graduate area of the system does not automatically mean that you will have documents issued to you. Dublin City University will advise on whether not you are entitled to documents through this system.

Depending on the system configuration, you will have a number of options available to you. For each available document, you can:
  • view your document online
  • share your document online with others
  • publish your document online
  • view the history of your document
Clicking view will display the document, and will also display these other options on screen.

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In order to view your document online, you will need an installed copy of Adobe Reader, which is free to download. Your document will be displayed inside the webpage as shown opposite.

You will be presented with a number of options here:
  • share your document online with others. This is the most secure and the only official way for third parties to verify your document
  • print your document. The printed document is for information purposes only. Note that any printable copy is not regarded as an official document, and you should use the share option instead to share your document with recruiters and other third parties.
  • publish your document online (not always available)
  • view the history of your document, allowing you to monitor all online access to your document
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